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Promo Club House (20.07.2009)

Promo Club House (20.07.2009)

Artist: VA
Title: Promo Club House
Style: House / Electro House
Date: 20.07.2009
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks: 20
Size: ~ 276 Mb

01.Alessia Kay - Elixir Of Life (Sergio Matina & Jack Smeraglia Club Mix)
02.Christian Sims Ft Willy Diamond - Butterfly (Laywell Remix)
03.Daft Punk - One More Time 09 (Angel Manuels Miami Bootleg Mix)
04.Dj Antoine vs Mad Mark feat. Roby Rob - House This Way (Original Mix)
05.Dj Sammy - Feel The Love (Resource Edit)
06.Erick Decks feat Jimmie Wilson - Feel It (Slin Project Remix)
07.Florian Wyle - Mercury Playing (Alex R remix)
08.Heiko & Maiko - Not Too Late ( Future Breeze Remix )
09.Incartey & Ancient Artists - Ready Or Not 09 ( Club Mix)
10.Jaybee - Shattered Dreams (Slin Project Remix)
11.Mattia Garbellini - You Can (Andrea Flash Remix)
12.Mozzymann - Only (Alchemist Project Remix)
13.Player & Remady - Got Sax (Main Mix)
14.Sashimi Planet - Shelter (DJs From Mars Extended Remix)
15.The Cowboys - Once Upon A Time In The West (Club Mix)
16.ZXX & Paul Anthony - Love Will Find You (Original Mix)
17.Ben Preston - The Choice Is Yours (Original Mix)
18.DJ Rebel - Never Alone (Extended Mix)
19.Stoy & Miss Torn - Sekstoy (Electrixx Remix)
20.Ben Preston - The Choice Is Yours (Poison Pro Made The Right Choice Remix)

1. Скачать/Download Promo Club House (20.07.2009)
2. Скачать/Download Promo Club House (20.07.2009)
3. Скачать/Download Promo Club House (20.07.2009)
4. Скачать/Download Promo Club House (20.07.2009)
5. Скачать/Download Promo Club House (20.07.2009)

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